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What is Biotechnology

The term “biotechnology” is a combination of the words “bio” and “technology.” This implies that biotechnology is what happens when we use these two words together. Technology and biology are in opposition to one another, yet when they work together, they produce beneficial goods and research.

Biotechnology allows for the modification and utilization of live organisms and the application of technical processes to create commercial goods. Biotechnology produces valuable research and products for humanity. Moreover, we know the advancement of biotechnology in many fields, including medicine, cosmetics, food, and farm products.

Through various advances, biotechnology, a sophisticated branch of biology, can contribute to the world’s ability to provide food and nourishment. It is a really interesting topic with some challenges that date back to the days when yeast was used to make bread and cheese. Furthermore, intense concentration is necessary to grasp the subject’s concepts fully. It’s crucial to consider all the small particulars if one is interested in a profession in biotechnology.

However, it becomes challenging to comprehend all the information presented during lectures. You can finish your biotechnology homework help on time with the assistance of nearby specialists in the field. They can aid you swiftly and accurately with your biotechnology homework. Practical use of a thorough understanding of the topic can improve human quality of life while fostering the planet’s diversity.

Fields in biotechnology

Since biotechnology is such a broad field, it relates to many branches of research. The interaction of topics results in improved technological breakthroughs every day. The following branches of this subject are available for degree study:

Cell Biology DNA Sequencing Microbiology
Animal Biotechnology Biochemistry Biomedical science
Molecular biology Plant Biotechnology Bioinformatics


Why is Biotechnology becoming popular

Innovations that have benefited humanity are frequently the result of a desire to improve. Production of animals and plants has risen over time thanks to advancements. However, urgent issues like environmental pollution, climate change, and the expanding requirements of a growing population can be helped by biotechnology. The following areas are where biotechnology can be useful:

Create genetically altered plants

Traditional farming offers advantages, but it is difficult to manage pests, infections, or environmental factors. These elements may have negative effects, leading to a food shortage. But with biotechnology, it is possible to provide the plant with a defense system that will keep insects away without using chemical pesticides. GMO crops with longer shelf lives and disease resistance are growing in popularity, such as the transgenic banana resistant to fusarium wilt, a genetically modified tomato with Arabidopsis thaliana genes.

Capturing the criminals

We widely use biotechnological forensic applications today. With biotechnological advancements, the analysis of the biological evidence can help criminal investigators identify the guilty party. Every person has a unique genetic make-up. Therefore using genomic data to identify criminals should be simple for the legal system.

Creation of different vaccinations.

As more and more diseases emerge, researchers must come up with novel treatments to combat them. One of the numerous diseases of concern that have sparked a general alarm is the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Moreover, due to the various vaccinations produced by different pharmaceutical companies, biotechnological advancements can decrease the incidence of severity.

Assist with environmental cleanup.

One of the main sources of worry is pollution. Developing a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process can benefit from breakthroughs in biotechnology. It can also aid in lowering chemical pollutants and clearing ground and water contamination. Institutes clean up Large-scale oil spills in water bodies using a variety of microorganisms. New enzymes can produce microbes that break down plastic, solving soil and water issues.

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Topics in Biotechnology that we cover

Microbiology Enzymology
Molecular biology Statistical Biology
Structural biology Animal and plant Biotechnology
Methods and Instrumentation in Biology Cellular Biology
Immunology Downstream Processing

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Biotechnology History

Based on when dating of development, biotechnology entails three categories.

Ancient Biotechnology

is included in this time frame, including the prehistoric era to the 1800s. From which people originally made bread and cheese, circa 7000 BCE, Yeast was the very first germ that humanity ever found. Moreover, people made beer, wine, and cheese using yeast in ancient China and Egypt. In the past, individuals took the rennet enzyme used to produce cheese from the stomach of calves. Edward Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine in the late 1790s.

Classic Biotechnology

During this time (1800–1945), biotechnology emerged as a distinct branch of biology. Karl Ereky first used the term “biotechnology” in 1919. In this subject, we regard it as a critical time when humans achieve significant discoveries, including the creation of penicillin. Genetic engineering, now a new area of study, relied heavily on knowledge of the DNA structure. Moreover, humanity benefited greatly from developing methods that permitted DNA manipulation, particularly in agriculture and medicine.

Modern Biotechnology

This era began in 1945 and is still in effect today. Despite being plagued by two world wars, discoveries happened extremely quickly. Biosensors MOSFET, stem cell development, cloning, genetic engineering, 3D bioprinters, artificial antibiotics, immunization, cattle artificial insemination, artificial chromosome generation, etc., are a few of these inventions. People now live happy lives because of these advancements.

Biotechnology is an extensive discipline that combines several fundamental topics in biotechnology. Cell biology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, biochemistry, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and biomedical sciences are all involved. Hence, because of this, they understand the concepts take a lot of effort. Moreover, to understand the subtleties of this relatively new subject, students may require biotechnology homework help.

Various Applications of Biotechnology

There are several industries where people utilize technology to create industrially relevant biological and chemicals. These include bioremediation, energy generation, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and agriculture. So it should be no surprise that there is a high need for qualified and experienced biotechnologists. Among the many ways that biotechnology has altered the planet are:

  1. The green revolution.  It reduces the global food shortfall by employing genetically modified plants with increased yield. Also, greater resistance to unfavorable conditions, such as biotic and abiotic stress, superior nutritional qualities, pest-resistant plants, etc..
  2. Medicines manufactured by genetic engineering. These assist in reducing human allergic reactions. Compared to when scientists provided them with proteins and enzymes created in animal models, these have assisted in reducing human allergic reactions.
  3. Gene treatment. a new glimmer of hope for patients with incurable hereditary diseases. Doctors may enhance patients’ quality of life by changing the dysfunctional gene and substituting a functional copy.
  4. Diagnosis using molecules. Through this mechanism Identifying microorganisms that wreck havoc globally can occur more quickly and accurately. Additionally, with improved diagnostic procedures like ELISA, RIA, PCR, etc., diagnosis has grown simpler and quicker.
  5. It is crucial to address the pollution that could impair the earth’s microflora, including soil and water contamination. Utilizing bacteria modified through technological means to increase their capacity for bioremediation can help decrease pollution’s devastating environmental impact.

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Opportunities for students taking Biotechnology courses

This scientific discipline has a lot of demand for its students. Several industries, including food technology, pharmaceuticals, environmental research, etc., are looking for biotechnology specialists to create a better society. Students studying biotechnology have a variety of professional choices, including:

  1. Healthcare industry.  Medical biotechnology graduates can find employment in diagnostic labs as well as hospitals. In addition, organizations that produce diagnostic tools, medical equipment, food safety organizations, etc., are searching for qualified candidates.
  2. Pharmaceutical industry. In addition to developing monoclonal antibodies, vaccinations, and other therapeutic methods, biotechnologists can assist in the creation of drugs to treat both established and newly discovered diseases.
  3. Food sector. There is a significant need for food biotech experts to create preservation strategies to extend the life of preserved food without damaging the nutrient. This is because more and more consumers move to canned and packaged food. Biotechnologists may find use in the areas of regulation and quality control.

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