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Get behaviorism psychology assignment help services for magical results only at the leading online service provider, Essay For All. There is nothing so hard or challenging before our team of professional behavioral psychology tutors. Therefore, feel free anytime to contact us and place your order. Behaviorism psychology considers that people obtain their behaviors from their interactions with their surroundings. That means a person’s behavior is an outcome of external stimuli rather than internal stimuli.

If you want a certain behavior, always seek an environment with people of the desired quality, interact frequently, and you will be more or less the same. Behaviorism psychology is a discipline that has been in existence for some good time. Therefore, many students have been doing the course.

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Types of behaviorism in behaviorism psychology

As mentioned earlier, behaviorism psychology is also known as behavioral psychology. Therefore, Essay For All behaviorism psychology assignment helpers consider two main types of behaviorism: radical behaviorism and methodological behaviorism. The types help in explaining behavior formation from a  psychological point of view.

Radical behaviorism

Radical behaviorism was established or developed by B.F Skinner. He suggested that behavior should always be the central point of psychology as a discipline. In the process, skinner acknowledged the significance of relationships and association between observable responses and stimuli. Radical behaviorism also reveals no connection between a person’s behavior and their internal processes, feelings, or thoughts; rather, the behavior depends on people’s interactions with their natural environment. Remember to ask for behaviorism psychology assignment help from Essay For All top tutors for more information.

Methodological behaviorism

According to our behaviorism psychology homework doers, methodological behaviorism demands scientists to study people’s observable behavior using scientific approaches. Besides, it considers that considering or studying people’s cognitive processes and mental well-being does not support the ability to understand their behavior—contact Essay For All for deeper insights.

Diverse behaviorism psychology therapy 

Exposure therapy

From our behaviorism psychology assignment notes pdf, exposure therapy is a therapeutic approach after helps people address and manage their fears. Various incidents in our surrounding environment are likely to induce some sense of people. Besides, there is other information that people may receive though not within proximity; it can be enough to trigger fear within an individual. However, people have various ways of responding to fears or related situations. Some are bold enough to confront their fears, while others avoid fearful situations.

In this case, a person is likely to avoid interacting with moments that relate to or are sources of their fear. No matter the source of fear, exposure therapy is essential in breaking the cycle of fear. However, a psychologist or therapist ensures the person’s subjection to their source of fear by containing them in a safe environment. Constant exposure to the source of fear helps the person to overcome the fear to a time that they will stop avoiding it. There are wide-ranging disorders for exposure therapy works the best. They are not limited to;

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Phobias
  • Panic disorder

Cognitive behavioral therapy

The chief founders of the therapy are Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck. With their enormous efforts and contribution to the discipline, cognitive behavioral therapy is as popular as it used to be today. Most people use cognitive behavioral therapy to teach people diverse ways of identifying and altering their destructive or negative thinking patterns that impair their emotions and behavior. The approach is mainly designed to address cognitive distortions, including people’s attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts. It also helps in solving people’s behavioral and emotional challenges.

Despite the popularity of cognitive behavioral therapy, we can never conclude that any behaviorism psychology student is well-informed about the therapy. Hence, feel free to seek a detailed explanation of the therapy anytime you seek online behavioral psychology assignment help from Essay For All professionals. You can apply the therapy of people diagnosed with;

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Applied behavior analysis

Applied behavioral analysis is among behaviorism psychology therapies with proven efficiency and tremendous benefits when used on people with different psychological conditions, namely marriage counseling, substance use disorders, developmental disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder. The approach is common among children who have an autism disorder. In the process, it helps them, despite their learning disability, to learn new skills through rewarding specific behaviors.

In the process, the reinforced behavior through rewards gets much encouraged, increasing despite their developmental challenge. However, the challenge is that non-reinforced behaviors will become more invisible and, with time, become in existence. If the approach seems new to you or you have never heard about it, try to get an online Essay For All behaviorism psychology homework help service and learn more.

Real-life application of behaviorism psychology knowledge

Since the inception of behaviorism psychology, psychology has continued to be of great use and advantage to society. For instance, the education sector, research industry, and health industry when addressing the challenge of mental health illness.

Mental health

Over the years, behaviorism psychology has been among the best approaches to treat conditions like schizophrenia and autism. In this case, behavioral therapy ensures that the patients can transform their negative behaviors and thoughts, resulting in improved mental health. Mental health challenges are never specific to a certain population of people. That means people of any age, young or old, can suffer from the condition. Despite the age, behavioral therapy, by adopting wide-ranging therapeutic approaches, has remained effective and highly used. Some of the approaches are;

  • Discrete trial training
  • Token economies
  • Behavior analysis
  • Intensive behavioral intervention


Behavioral psychology observes and assesses how controlled environmental changes affect human behavior. Based on Essay For All, behavioral psychologists teaching methods used in the course help manipulate a person’s environment to alter their observable people.


It is the role of teachers to help students on how best to respond to certain stimuli. Behaviorism psychology, in this case, is essential, especially when done repeatedly, to help the learners understand the teacher’s intention. In the process, a teacher may also use positive reinforcement to make the learning process more effective.

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Effective psychological techniques based on behaviorism psychology

Applied behavior analysis

Based on our professional behaviorism psychology assignment helpers, this technique has existed since the 1960s—the main aim of applied behavior analysis for behavior modification. Over the years, it has been useful and applicable in criminal behavior, industrial safety, and education. For instance, the education sector has been using the approach particularly on children having learning and developmental disabilities like autism spectrum disorder.


In this case, a therapist or psychologist helps the patient or client to learn new behaviors through imitation. Therefore, the professional will expose the patient to the desired behavior to be imitated. Modeling has diverse applications not only in behaviorism psychology but also in clinical and developmental psychology.

Token economy

According to Essay For All behaviorism psychology assignment help experts, a token economy is a technique used in reinforcing target behavior by offering adults or children tokens exchangeable for another item. It has been effective in education settings, especially when handling people diagnosed with mental health illnesses.

Exposure and response prevention

People having various types of anxiety disorders, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, can benefit from exposure therapy. The therapist will expose the patient to a fearful situation in this case. After some time of exposure, people are likely to overcome their fears.

System desensitization

When seeking our online behaviorism psychology assignment help services, you will notice that system desensitization is a unique approach. For instance, it applies to individuals having a certain phobia characterized by anxiety or fear of a certain situation, place, or object. Based on the technique, such a person requires the application of coping or relaxation techniques with gradual exposure to their source of fear. For any question based on the technique, seek Essay For All professionals for relevant assistance.

The concept of operant conditioning

As an idea by B.F Skinner, operant conditioning is also known as instrumental conditioning. It involves a learning process that relies more on punishments and rewards to link a behavior to a consequence. In learning institutions, teachers who want their learners to perform and meet the set targets can use various rewards to use them as motivation to encourage students to have more interest in learning.

Ivan Pavlov proved the idea of operant conditioning by using a dog while adjusting the tie of feeding. The experiment proves that during the interaction with the dog, the dog learned how to associate a bell’s ringing with food and started salivating in anticipation of food. Some of the vital concepts to master in behavioral psychology addressing operant conditions are not limited to: negative punishment

  • Positive punishment
  • Negative reinforcement
  • Positive reinforcement

For further explanation, seek Essay For All professional tutors

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