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Do you know that Alzheimer’s Disease Homework help offered by Essay For All can help you navigate your assignments smoothly? Alzheimer’s is a developing disease since researchers and scientists work around the clock to find its treatment. It continues to attract students’ interest and the interests of aspiring scientists. This is because students globally pursue the course to find an appropriate treatment for the disease.

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Alzheimer’s disease causes

Alzheimer’s is a developing disease that scientists and researchers continue to work on finding its appropriate treatment. It is a brain condition that came into the limelight in 1906 through Doctor Alois Alzheimer. At the initial stages, it has mild symptoms; however, it worsens with time. The leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease is the death of brain cells. Equally important, brain cells die with time. Consequently, plaques begin developing between the cells. As a result, tangles occur between nerve cells. Alzheimer’s condition can increase based on the following:

  • The historical cases of Alzheimer’s disease in a family
  • Age
  • Genetic issues
  • Brain injuries
  • Exposure to industrial chemicals

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

The underlying symptoms of this disease include unpredictable behavior, language difficulties, and memory loss. These symptoms emanate from the loss of connection between the brain’s nerve cells. Thus, in some instances, a person may have tangles and plaques in the brain. As a result, when the infections worsen, the affected individuals find it challenging to recall recent events.

For example, they cannot recognize persons they stay with under the same roof. According to the National Institute on Aging data, it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. The below sentences summarize the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease; however, since Alzheimer’s is a developing disease, more symptoms continue to emerge. For more information on Alzheimers disease homework help, talk to us at Essay For All.

Cognitive challenges

Persons who have Alzheimer’s disease may have reasoning difficulties. Likewise, they can also find it challenging to finish a task. As a result, they can find it challenging to concentrate, understand risks, and make decisions.

Recognition problems

Secondly, individuals who have Alzheimer’s condition also find it challenging to recognize familiar objects, persons, places, landmarks, and other routine activities in their workplaces or homes.

Memory loss

Thirdly, the common symptom shared by people with Alzheimer’s disease is difficulty remembering information. In the same way, you will find most of them repeating themselves, misplacing their belongings, wandering, and asking similar questions again and again.

Changes in personality

Alzheimer’s disease also causes withdrawal symptoms since individuals suffering from the disease avoid socially challenging events. In addition, they can also portray mood swings like high irritability or anger.

Alzheimer’s disease stages

The disease gradually progresses through three stages. These are early, also known as mild, the middle stage, also known as moderate, and the late phase, also known as the severe stage. Alzheimer’s disease affects people differently. Therefore, each person experiences the stages differently. This means that the disease’s progression is not standard. The following are its developmental stages:


The mild stage is also known as the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease development. At this stage, persons suffering from the disease develop cognitive difficulties and memory challenges. Likewise, they also delay completing a task. Due to mental problems, they find it challenging to handle money, lose directions, begin wandering, and exhibit personality changes. These initial changes can alert their family members to seek medical attention.

Moderate stage

It is also referred to as the middle stage. Multiple brain parts, such as those responsible for consciousness, language, senses, and reasoning, become dysfunctional in this stage. Thus, it results in memory loss, inability to recognize family, confusion, failure to acknowledge or learn new things, impulsive tendencies, hallucinations, and difficulty undertaking routine responsibilities, such as showering.

Severe stage

The severe stage is the final and the most detrimental phase of Alzheimer’s disease. It is primarily characterized by tangles and plaques, shrinking the brain. In this stage, persons with Alzheimer’s disease find it challenging to communicate or work. As a result, they rely on others for almost everything.

Types of Alzheimer’s disease

There are two types of Alzheimer’s disease; however, both types have a genetic component. These are:

Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Most individuals with Alzheimer’s have late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, where symptoms become apparent in their mid-60s. Researchers have not found a particular gene that directly causes the late-onset form of the disease. However, one genetic risk factor with one form of the apolipoprotein E gene on chromosome 19 increases an individual’s risk. The apolipoprotein is a risk factor since it increases the risk of developing the disease. It is also imperative to understand that inheriting the gene does not automatically make you susceptible to the disease.

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease occurs between an individual’s 30s to mid-60s. However, it represents less than 10 percent of all persons with Alzheimer’s. Individuals inherit some of the cases due to a change in one of the three genes. Additionally, studies show that other genetic components also contribute to this. Equally important, researchers and scientists work round the clock to ascertain different genetic risk variants for early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Different strategies can be used to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The recommended approaches include regular checking and controlling blood pressure through health tests. Secondly, healthy eating habits can prevent the disease. You can also embrace regular exercises, such as cycling or fast walking, to maintain fitness. Most people come online and search for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. However, we do not have any cure for this disease currently. But you can use different medications to reduce its symptoms temporarily. For example, medicines like Acetylcholinesterase increases acetylcholine levels to facilitate communication between nerve cells.

Why Alzheimer’s disease homework help?

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