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You can get top-notch NUR 100 Homework Help & Answers from our experts at Essay For All. The module introduces learners to various issues and concepts related to nursing. For instance, the course gives a basic understanding of nursing principles. It addresses the essentials of nursing by focusing on Maslow and Erikson’s developmental stages. However, NUR 100 is broad since it entails different courses.

Nursing courses are in high demand. As a result, many students apply for these courses due to the available job opportunities. Equally important, it is imperative to acknowledge that nursing is a technical course. So, students face various impediments in writing their assignments. Against this background, Essay For All offers assignment writing services to assist students stuck with their homework. Assignments constitute roughly 62 percent of your overall scores in a course. Therefore, you can leverage our services to write quality assignments.

NUR 100 Fundamentals of Nursing as outlined by our NUR 100 Homework Help & Answers

Nursing 100 is a broad specialization since it covers different modules. NUR 100 Fundamentals of Nursing is an introductory course. Generally, this unit focuses on the fundamental principles of nursing. It also emphasizes the primary nursing needs outlined by Maslow’s developmental stages. Equally important, the course is primarily designed for the first years. The course requirements differ in various universities. The program’s learning outcomes include:

  • It equips students with the knowledge to provide safe, patient-centered care by emphasizing the significance of meeting the basic needs
  • Secondly, the unit prepares students to practice within a professional, legal, and ethical scope
  • The course also requires learners to function as members of professional teams through appropriate communication and mutual respect to have quality patient outcomes
  • Finally, it expects students to use evidence-based practice standards and embrace informational literacy to champion safe practices within the dynamic healthcare setting

The topics covered under this module include:

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  • Orientation to associate degree nursing program
  • Effective communication strategy
  • The nursing process attached to patient safety
  • Systems evaluation documentation
  • Concepts in the practice of nursing
  • The nursing process applied to patients with hygienic problems
  • Assessment of temperature, circulation, and respiration
  • The philosophy of the nursing department and the organizing framework

NUR 100 Gerontological Nursing

NUR 100 Gerontological Nursing introduces students to evidence-based procedures in geriatric care. In addition, this course also covers the theoretical concepts of aging relevant to health promotion and disease prevention among older adults. Therefore, it leverages the nursing process to understand the concept of patient-centered and evidence-based nursing care.

Thus, this course requires students to demonstrate the psychosocial and physiologic changes in the aging process. Equally important, it also equips students with the appropriate knowledge to help elderly patients to adjust to the changes. It also embraces informational technologies to facilitate effective communication and safety in the care of adult populations. We avail experts in this field to help you handle your assignments whenever you need help.

NUR 100 Perspectives in Nursing

Students pursuing NUR 100 Perspectives in Nursing learn nurses’ duties in our modern society. As a result, it covers the historical aspects of nursing and the latest trends in the nursing practice. In addition, the course equips students with an understanding of healthcare policies and professional standards. Generally, this module gives learners a background understanding of nursing practices and the changes that have occurred over time. The learning outcomes include:

  • Description of the current trends in nursing
  • The historical events that have shaped the course of nursing
  • Understanding the procedures used in the nursing process
  • Utilization of critical thinking skills to solve routine challenges faced by the profession
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of pharmacology
  • Acute application of the mathematical principles used in nursing computations
  • Finally, the module expects learners to understand the ethical and legal restrictions on the use of recorded, published, and confidential patient information

Different NUR 100 courses offered under our NUR 100 Homework Help

NUR 100 modules

NUR 112 Health illness concepts

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers health illness concepts to mean a state of complete physical, psychological, and social well-being. Accordingly, NUR 112 Health Illness Concepts advances the concepts within the three spheres of individual, healthcare, and nursing needs. As a result, the course stresses various aspects like acid-base, metabolism, cellular regulation, oxygenation, infection, and health-wellness.

At the end of the program, students should be able to provide safe nursing care by applying the concepts in their practice. In addition, they should understand various techniques used to help patients embrace safe approaches. To undertake this course, you must have completed NUR 111 and got a minimum grade of C. Health concepts are dynamic. So, students have to cover different aspects to understand the course’s subject matter. This is why Essay For All exists. We are the number one assignment help platform. Therefore, you can have confidence in our services.

NUR 112 Fundamental Concepts of Nursing 

The fundamental concepts in nursing offer a framework for understanding nursing practice. As a result, it shapes nursing education, governs how nurses approach their work, and form the basis of ethical practice. Generally, the course teaches foundational knowledge of nursing concepts and clinical decision-making. Its goal is to enhance the provision of evidence-based nursing care. Thus, the course content includes:

  • Healthcare delivery systems
  • Professionalism
  • Health promotion
  • Functional ability
  • Pharmacology
  • Psychosocial well-being
  • Care coordination

The projected learning outcomes for this course include:

  • At the end of this program, students should exemplify concepts inherent to the nursing domain within a family and community at large
  • Students should adhere to the professional standards guiding nursing behavior and practice
  • Accordingly, students should exemplify essential concepts inherent to health and wellness in providing nursing care to the patient across the lifespan and within a community and family context

The course is the backbone of the nursing profession. Therefore, students should demonstrate their understanding of these concepts and how to apply them in their practice. Secondly, the program also equips learners with appropriate skills to make ethical decisions in their profession. Are you stuck with your NUR 112 Fundamental Concepts in Nursing assignments? If so, then Essay For All is your ultimate destination. We offer quality, reliable, affordable, and research-based custom essay writing services. Place your order here for impeccable solutions.

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