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MILH 422 History Of Peacekeeping

This course examines the strategy, initiatives, development, and roles of United Nations and regional peacekeeping operations from the conclusion of the Cold War to the present. The importance of each unique peacekeeping mission, including its history, purpose, military actions, and outcome, is emphasized. Furthermore, the course discusses other types of peacekeeping in addition to the in-depth examination of United Nations peacekeeping missions. The United Nation’s largest and most noticeable presence is its peacekeeping operations. It is a collective investment in the world’s stability, security, and peace.

This investment has a solid history. The lives of hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable people on earth have greatly improved thanks to our peacekeepers over the past 70 years. Therefore, create the foundation for a durable peace. But since peacekeeping is meant to support national efforts rather than substitute them, a functional political system is crucial to the achievement of our operations. However, peacekeeping is political, and its success relies on ongoing and viable political processes or the possibility of a genuine peace process. The Security Council is crucial in ensuring this dedication and cooperation while giving missions precise and realistic directives.

Fundamental principles that continue to distinguish UN peacekeeping operations as a means of preserving global peace and security

The parties’ consent

The main disputing parties approve the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces. The parties must agree to participate in a political process for this to happen. They grant the UN the essential political and physical flexibility to carry out its designated tasks by agreeing to a peacekeeping deployment. Without this agreement, a peacekeeping operation risks becoming involved in the conflict and being diverted from its core mission of maintaining peace.

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The main parties’ agreement to deploy a United Nations peacekeeping mission does not automatically imply or ensure that there will also be local support. This occurs if the main parties are deeply divided or have ineffective command and control structures. In tense situations marked by armed organizations that are not under the control of either party or by the involvement of other spoilers, the likelihood of universal consent decreases even further.


Being impartial is essential to preserving the primary parties’ agreement and cooperation. However, objectivity is not the same as neutrality or inaction. Although they should not be neutral in carrying out their mandate, United Nations peacekeepers should be neutral in their interactions with the conflict’s participants. A peace agreement should not support activities by the parties that contradict the agreements made during the peace process or the international standards. Also, a UN peacekeeping operation’s standards are objective but will punish breaches just as a decent keeper.

Using force only to defend oneself or to uphold the mandate

UN peacekeeping missions are not a means of enforcing laws. They may, however, with the consent of the Security Council, use force if it is essential to protect themselves or to carry out their mandate. The Security Council has given UN peacekeeping operations “extensive” mandates in difficult circumstances. Consequently, give them the authority to “take essential means” to oppose violent attempts to hinder the political process. Additionally, protect residents from upcoming physical attacks and aid the national government in maintaining law and order.

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