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Course Overview: MILH 411 Diplomacy and War Assignment Help

This course provides an in-depth examination of the relationships between diplomacy and war in achieving national goals, covering conflicts between and among states from antiquity through the Congress of Vienna. By their very nature, armed power and diplomacy serve as instruments to achieve statecraft goals and as platforms via which governments impose their agendas on others. There is no intrinsic difference between the two in terms of usefulness. While military action physically expresses a government’s intentions by attempting to sweep away opposition to them.

Diplomacy orally conveys truths that may affect nations. Military activities produce reality, whereas diplomacy merely conveys them. You should not confuse Statecraft with either diplomacy or military action. It is the art of controlling reality and combining means and ends to further a nation’s objectives. Diplomacy and military power are complementary as they pursue the same political goals, far from mutually exclusive.

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