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Course overview: MILH 371 The Vietnam War

MILH 371 The Vietnam War explores the causes of the Indochina War, U.S. involvement. Also, it covers the ground wars, Vietnamization, domestic unrest, U.S. departure, and the impact of the Conflict on American Society.

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What is Vietnam War

Vietnam War occurred in Southeast Asia. Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam in 1954, which was the beginning of it. In addition, North Vietnam wanted to reunite the country based on communist political and economic ideas. Our MILH 371 The Vietnam War Homework Help claims South Vietnam engaged in combat to avert this. North Vietnam won the war in 1975 despite American help to South Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam quickly developed into a unified communist state. The Vietnam War cost the country a great deal of life. About 58,000 American soldiers and over 1.3 million Vietnamese soldiers, died. Additionally, more than 2 million non-combatants died in the conflict.


Several issues existed in Vietnam before the Vietnam War. The nation was a French colony during the beginning of the 20th century. Japan occupied the colony from 1940 until 1945. Then the Viet Minh, a Vietnamese organization, proclaimed Vietnam’s independence. Vietnam was still a colony that the French wished to dominate. A summit that included France and the Viet Minh decided the fate of Vietnam. Participants included citizens of the U.S., the USSR, and several other nations. Vietnam was split into North and South Vietnam at the summit. Furthermore, the Viet Minh took over North Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, a Communist, served as the head of state.

Civil war

At the beginning of 1957, South Vietnamese communist rebels fought Diem’s government. Invading at night, the Viet Cong skulked during the day. The North Vietnamese military supported and trained the Viet Cong. Later, Communist fighters in the north began to use their weapons. They supported Diem because the leaders detested Communism. American military advisors trained the South Vietnamese army. However, as our experts at MILH 371 The Vietnam War Assignment Help noted, the Viet Cong seized control of a sizable portion of South Vietnam in the early 1960s. Diem was afterward unpopular with the people of South Vietnam.

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