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Course Description: MILH 370 The Korean War

This course covers the Korean War’s history from before hostilities began to after the armistice. The course discusses other UN members, focusing on the US and South Korean combat with North Korean and Chinese forces. The three levels of conflict tactics, intermediate and strategic, are covered. The course covers technology development, the use of contemporary weapons, and POWs.

The course also covers the ongoing presence of American forces in the Republic of South Korea. As a result of the partners’ Sunday agreement, which stipulates that Seoul will bear additional expenditures for housing American soldiers as a deterrent against North Korea. The 70-year-old security relationship between the United States and South Korea is again in the spotlight.

The United States and South Korea pledged collective self-defense should either nation be endangered in the Pacific region when they signed a mutual defense pact after the 1950–1953 Korean War. The agreement served as the foundation for placing American forces in South Korea. The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), signed by the two nations in 1966, established the guidelines for managing and safeguarding American forces deployed in South Korea.

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Course scope

The focus of this course is on the analysis of the various Korean War battles and campaigns. Although other countries’ contributions to the war will consider, the course’s main focus will be the fight between US and North Korean and Chinese forces. Additionally, it will discuss the strategic, operational, and tactical kinds of methods of the major warring parties. A key topic covered throughout the course is the development of technology and the use of contemporary weapons.

This topic is thoroughly studied because the Korean War significantly included both Regular Army Soldiers and Citizen Soldiers. The warfare study thoroughly analyzes the specific engagements, conflicts, and campaigns. Hence, improves our comprehension of how the war was fought. This section examines the decision to declare a cease-fire, which is still in place today, and its implications compared to the concept of success and defeat.

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