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MILH 222 War From 1700 To The Present Course Outline

This module, MILH 222 War From 1700 To The Present, will cover a study of warfare from antiquity to the early 17th century. It will focus on technological developments in the military arts and sciences. It also focuses on their immediate and long-term impacts on strategy and tactics. Military technology entails the variety of weaponry, gear, buildings, and vehicles employed by the military expressly for combat.

It includes the information needed to create the technology, use it in combat, repair it, and refill it. Five categories are usable in categorizing battle technology. While defensive weapons block offensive strikes, offensive weapons injure the enemy. Transportation technology moves soldiers and weapons. Communication technology coordinates the movements of the military services. Furthermore, the technology detects forces and guides sensors.

Military technology, deployment tactics, and the psychological factors that bind its users into units have long had a significant relationship. The combatant group’s ability to effectively coordinate its members’ actions depends on combat success. It is the foundation of military organizations and the ultimate goal of military technology. The cooperation results from the unity of the group’s members. It motivates them to sacrifice their interests, even their very lives, for the whole. Tactics and technology both have a direct impact on these forces.

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MILH 222 War From 1700 To The Present Course covers Major technology development According to Our Essay For All Experts.

Small arms

Military small guns have seen several notable developments since the invention of the flintlock musket in the 17th century. The dual objectives of the majority of arms designers have been the development of man-portable weapons. Weapons have increased firepower and decreased weight through various projectiles and ever better chemical propulsion systems. But a physical link between the expulsion forces produced by gunpowder guns. Also, the volume and velocities of their projectiles has consistently made it difficult to achieve this goal. Users must minimize a weapon’s recoil energy to save weight, but doing so also impacts the bullet’s lethality.

Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons unleash energy explosively due to nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, or both. What characterizes as nuclear weapons in which nuclear fusion is responsible for releasing at least some energy. The earliest nuclear weapons were bombs that where army dropped from the air. Later, technological development led to the innovation of warheads for strategic ballistic missiles, the most significant nuclear weapons. Additionally, smaller tactical nuclear weapons were developed, including ones for torpedoes. Also, the development of shorter-range ballistic and cruise missiles, land mines, and artillery projectiles.

Biological weapon

Germ/biological weapons are any disease-causing agent. Such weapons include bacteria, viruses, poisons, or other biological agents, that countries use against people, animals, or plants. A long-standing tradition in warfare is to deploy poisons and infectious diseases directly against enemy personnel. Even when they weren’t intentionally utilized as weapons. Viruses kill more people in many conflicts than all the military weapons used together.

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