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MILH 202 Survey Of American Military History

The MILH 202 Survey of American Military History course is a special synthesis of the past and present military establishment of the oldest democracy in the world. The main goal of the course is to give the students an understanding of the history of the American Military Institution, the greatest military institution in the world. The module explores the American military’s evolution voyage from the colonial era to the present 21st century.

Students learn and understand these concepts students’ thanks to this resource. Additionally, the course aids students in comprehending the military’s function under both conflicting conditions of war and peace. It also sheds insight on how intricately intertwined society and the military are. As a result, the course provides a thorough overview of American military history.

Vital concepts within the module

In addition to the war in the broadest sense, military historians of this generation discover another important aspect of the topic they must address. Government form armies to use force. Armies are institutions, social beings in and of themselves, reflecting and altering the national culture. Some armies have tight relationships to the cultures they derive from, while others are distinct and belong to a different class.

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For instance, government disperse the Army among frontier outposts and geographically isolate them from the rest of civilization for a large portion of American history. However, civil-military relations have been tight since World War II, like at the time of the nation’s founding. Armies develop a personality and shape as institutions. We see their organizational structures in various ways, overt and covert. This includes their management structure, training program, mode of supply, planning for mobilization, and the conduct of war. Also, it includes methods of combat on the battlefield, use of technology and weaponry, a system of command and control, choice of personnel and leaders, and interactions with the general public and authorities.

The institutional history includes a variety of policies, beliefs, rituals, traditions, attitudes, and practices that have developed around militaries. These elements have histories of their own and reflect changes like conflict, technology, national development, and international obligations. These are some concepts our MILH 202 Survey Of American Military History homework will help you understand.

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