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Course Description: CRJ 331 Forensic Psychology

This course, CRJ 331- Forensic Psychology, connects psychology’s application, research methods, and expertise to the judicial system. Students will learn about how forensic psychologists contribute to the legal system, including expert witnesses, jury selection, child custody hearings, and the parole and recidivism of violent offenders. Some of the topics the course will cover include a brief history of the trial and the role of psychologists in court. Also, it will discuss evidence- eyewitness testimony, recovered memory and credibility assessment, Psychopathy, and anti-social personality. Furthermore, students will answer various questions, such as does punishment by the criminal justice system deter crime? What is the abusive personality? How do people acquire them? What treatments are available?

The Course focus is on:

  1. Evidence psychology, witness evaluation, eyewitness memory, risk assessment, deterrent, domestic violence, mass and serial killers, and the criminal justice system.
  2. Also, the course will focus on the intersection of law and psychology, particularly in cases involving insanity defense and battered person defense.
  3. The course will discuss expert testimony in court cases, focusing on psychological testimony in court.
  4. Personality disorders increase the risk of criminal behavior (Antisocial PD, Borderline PD, Psychopathy, Narcissistic PD, Sadistic PD).

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